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Part One.

1.Our usual terms of payment are by confirmed , irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, reaching us one month ahead of shipment.


2.We proposed to pay by 30 d/s.

我们提议 30 天汇票付款

3.The terms of payment we wish to adopt are confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.


4.We should like to advise you that payment by collection is acceptable.


5.We would prefer you to pay in US dollars.


6.According to the contract, after receipt of the preliminary shipping advice, you are kindly requested to open with the Bank of China the relative L/C in our favour within ten days.

根据合同,接到预装船通知后,你方需在 10 天内开具以我方为受益人的中国银行信用证

7.Payment of the purchase is to be effected by an irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, payable by draft at sight in pounds sterling in London.


8.We don ’t accept payment in US dollars. Please conclude the business in terms of Swiss francs.


9.We require payment by L/C to reach us one month prior to the time of shipment.


10.We require immediate payment upon presentation of shipping documents.


11.Payment by irrevocable letter of credit is convenient for us and we shall draw a 60d/s bill in your bank.

不可撤消信用证支付方便我方,我们将开 60 天汇票到你银行

12.We will draw you a documentary draft at sight through our bank on collection basis.


13.Our terms of payment are 30-day credit period, not 60-day credit. It ’ s customary.

我们的付款条件是 30 天信用期,而非 60 天信用期,这是惯例

14.As usual, we should require of you an L/C to be issued through a first-rate bank.


15.It would be advisable for you to establish the covering L/C as early as possible enable us to effect shipment in due time.


16.We propose paying by TT when the shipment is ready."


17.We regret having to inform you that we cannot accept payment by D/P.


18.We regret to say that we are unable to consider your request for payment under D/A terms.


19.You can pay for all or part of the equipment and technology purchased from us in resultant products.


20.Since you are not short of cash, we can arrange for your payment over 2 months without charges of any kind.

既然你们不缺钱,我们可以安排超过 2 月的付款而无结余

Part Two

21. As a special case , we may consider accepting your payments by D/P.


22.If the amount of each transaction is below $500, we agree to D/A days terms.

如果每笔交易低于 500 美金,我们同意 30 日承兑交单条件

23.We could grant you the favourable terms of payment as D/A 45 days after sight.

我们同意 45 日承兑交单条款

24.In view of the small amount of this transaction, we are prepare to accept payment by D/P at sight.


25.D/P or D/A is only accepted if the amount involved for each transaction is less the £ 1,000.

只有每笔交易低于 1,000 美金时,付款交单或承兑交单才被接受

26.We request a 10% payment at the time of ordering . The remaining amount must be paid within 60 days.

我们要求下单时预付 10%,余额在 60 日内必须付清

27.We can only accept 20% cash payment in local currency. The other 80% by L/C should reach us 15 to 30 days before the delivery.

我们只能接受 20%本地货币现金支付,其余 80%应以信用证在交货期前 15 日到 30 日开出

28. If the payment is made by installments, the annual interest is calculated by 6% and paid off at the end of each year.

如果是部分付款,那么每年利息将以 6%计算在每年年底结算

29.Full payments must be made within 60 days.

全部付款须在 60 日内付清

30.The telegraphic transfer shall reach the bank of China at least five days before the delivery date of vessel.

电报应在船期前至少 5 日到达中国银行

31.The letter of credit for each order shall reach us 30 days.

每单信用证应有 30 日期限到达我方

32.15-20 days prior to the date of delivery, you should pay against the presentation of the drawn on the opening bank.

你方需在船期 15-20 日前付款至我司开户银行

33.The payment shall be made by telegraphic transfer to the bank of China , Head office ,Beijing, China, for our account, within five business days after the contract signature date.

付款应在合同签订之日起 5 日内以电报方式抵达我司在中国银行北京总部的帐户

34.Advance payment of 25% of the contract value shall be paid within 30 days of the date of signing the contract.

合同签订之日起 30 日内需提前支付合同金额的 25%款项"

35.The payment shall be made by five annual installments of 20% each.

付款分五次支付,每次为总金额的 25%

36.We require full payment within 45 days with a 15% discount for cash payment in advance.

我们要求 45 日内全额付清且有 15%的现金折扣

37.The total amount must be paid in full upon receipt of the shipping documents.


38.We require payment by L/C to reach us one month prior to the time of shipment.


39.You are requested to pay $5,000 as a down payment.

你方被要求付 5,000 美金作为首付

40.Ten percent of the contract value shall be paid in advance by cash, and 90% by sight draft drawn under an L/C.

合同金额的 10%应以现金提前支付,剩下的 90%以信用证开具即期汇票支付